Our History

Almansa and the shoe go hand in hand since 1887. We live and feel the pleasure of working to accompany the steps in people's lives. We think, dream and create footwear generation after generation and in UMBER Shoes we continue the tradition shoemaker since 1922 through the fourth generation of shoemakers from the Aldomar family.

Manuel Aldomar García participated in the industrial transformation of Almansa with the creation in 1922 of Caldas Aldomar and his third generation took part in the second industrialization of the decade of the 50 with the creation of Carlos González Aldomar, S.L. In 1959.

Today, Rafael González, the fourth generation of the family, is responsible for directing the production of our shoes, pouring on them all the knowledge gained.

Our most important goal is that whoever wears our shoes can feel the beauty and style in their feet, as well as the comfort and comfort of our traditionally manufactured products created from experience..